Camp Cherokee & Camp York

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YMCA – Camp Cherokee

Campers enjoy a wide variety of traditional adventure programs from swimming and hiking to Rambo and rock climbing. With campers from across the United States, Camp Cherokee helps campers to appreciate the diversity of other cultures and become a part of a global community. Cabin life also plays an important role in teaching campers to be self reliant, cooperate with others and learn to make decisions while they are away from home.

Check Out Our New Zipline Tour!

Gain a bird’s eye view of YMCA Camp Cherokee! This new 3 hour experience will take participants through 8 zip lines and two bridges high above the pristine beauty that is Camp Cherokee. This experience culminates with a 700 foot long zip line across portions of Lake York. You won’t be disappointed.

1299 Camp Cherokee Rd (14.70 km)
29702 Blacksburg, South Carolina

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(803) 329-9622


Camp York

Camp York, a rustic group camp at Kings Mountain State Park.  Camp York accommodates large groups overnight in a rustic setting. Located on the shores of 65-acre Lake York. Camp York can sleep up to 140 people in its rustic cabins. A large centralized dining hall has a walk in cooler, two industrial gas stoves, an ice machine, as well as pots, pans and dishes. A centralized shower house provides showers and each of the three cabin units have a rest station. Camp York has its own dock for use of private or rented canoes or kayaks. For more information or to reserve, contact the park at 803-222-3209: