Past Projects

We are truly grateful for the strong showing of support ! Thanks to all of the volunteers for their hard work and dedication.

2020 was nothing less than a challenge! The year started off with a pandemic. In March the park held an extra workday to prepared for VIP visitors. Shortly after the park closed for 5 weeks.

End of April an emergency workday was held in preparation of the park reopening. 23 volunteers showed up and showed out!  

In May storms hit the park. Roads were blocked, John sent out a request for help and10 volunteers came. They got the roads open but the trails were in pretty bad shape.  So, another date was set with 17 volunteers coming in less than a 24-hr notice.  

An impressing 30+ miles of trails were cleared in a few days!! Most was cleared in 24 hours’ time!

FKMSP has shown a favorable light to the equestrian groups!!! If you haven’t helped at a workday come join in the fun, it is very rewarding to see results!

What great publicity for Kings Mountain State Park, a mention in the national magazine “THE AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE JOURNAL,” as a recipient of the STEP grant for 2018.

Park Rangers and Friends Group clearing the Main Road of Low Limbs and Debris
  • Limbs and Debris cut back and cleared on Main Road
  • Improvements to Living History Farm
  • Signs and Maps installed on all Trails
  • Repairs to sites 1-6 in RV Campground
  • Trail Improvements
  • Clean Sites in Equine Campground
  • Water and Power for Equine Camp Ground

New 17-mile CCC Loop Trail – Opened March 2016 (hikers and horse riders) and the historic CCC Camp: The Trail of History 

Bridge for hiking trail, and walkway to the Lake Crawford Dam January 2016
New hiking bridge constructed with the help of the FKMSP.

Upgrade and reroutes to the established equine trails: completed trail maintenance and upgrades to the 10-mile white equine trail including a reroute at the third creek crossing

Enlarge and upgrade equine parking lot: more parking now available at the Apple Road parking lot – Bathroom added to Equine Parking Lot

Thank you to the 32 individual workers who volunteered July 16-21, 2018, and logged approximately 552 hours, some as many as 49 hours. They were able to complete running over 3,000 feet of conduit, for power to the Apple Road parking lot and well. They also cut trees, ground stumps, and picked up brush in preparation for the most recent parking lot expansion.

Each equine site now has Corrals. Campground now has water and will soon have power.

Restocking Lake York and replacing spillway gates